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*We recommend using SELKIRK PROTECTIVE EDGE TAPE for all of our edgeless paddles.


The premium paddle in our SLK by Selkirk series, the Omega SLK features a sleek, edgeless design and top-of-the-line SLK technology to increase power, spin, maneuverability, and control, so you can dominate on the court.

Performance and Technology united with comfort, balance, and affordability.


Color: Yellow
OUT OF STOCK Items can be purchased but will take 1-2 weeks extra delivery time.
  • Weight Range: 7.7 - 8.0 oz.

    Length: 16"

    Width: 7.85"

    Thickness: 0.5"

    Face: GC9-Flex Dual Carbon and Fiberglass Face

    Grip Circumference: 4.25"

    Grip: SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip

    Handle Length: 4.85"

    Core: Rev-Core Power Polymer Core

  • DuraEdge Technology

    Designed for optimal durability, the sleek, low-profile design and advanced DuraEdge technology enhance maneuverability and extend the life of your paddle.

    GC9-Flex Dual Carbon + Fiberglass Face

    Pairing the best of SLK paddle technology with a large sweet spot, the SLK Omega delivers ultimate power, without sacrificing control.

    Rev-Core+ Polymer Core

    Combining a powerful paddle interior with a large sweet spot, the Rev-Core+ Polymer Core is engineered for the win.

    SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip

    Created for a confident hold, the cushioned SLK grip is stable, ultra-comfortable, and non-slip.

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