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Power Air Comparisons

The Power Air versus Project 002: The VANGUARD Power Air is the next-level version of the 002. Both paddles utilize the same ProSpin+ technology for supreme spin and feature the QuadFlex Hybrid Face. The Power Air introduces enhanced versions of the Air Dynamic Throat, ThroatFlex, and FlexFoam Perimeter technologies. The VANGUARD Power Air also introduces all-new 360° Proto Molding, Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology, and SuperCore technologies. Essentially, the Power Air generates similar spin and power to the 002, but enhances your overall control. If you found the 002 a bit much to handle due to its incredible amount of power, but you loved the spin technology, the VANGUARD Power Air might just be the perfect paddle for you.


The Power Air versus the SLK Omega: the VANGUARD Power Air and SLK Omega are both power and spin paddles, however, you will notice a considerable increase in spin with the Power Air’s performance technology, when compared to the SLK Omega. The Power Air also offers more power and enhanced aerodynamics with Air Dynamic Throat and ThroatFlex technologies. The VANGUARD Power Air is also available in three shape options (Epic, S2, & Invikta), while the SLK Omega is currently only available in one shape (MAX). Lastly, the SLK Omega has a 1-year warranty and is produced internationally, whereas the VANGUARD Power Air has a limited lifetime warranty and is assembled right here in the USA.


The Power Air versus the Labs 003: Both paddles feature innovative new technology including Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology, 360° Proto Molding, Air Dynamic Throat, ThroatFlex, and ProSpin+ NextGen Texture. Power Air is a power paddle with control; the 003 is a power and control paddle. If you want to become a power player and drives are an important part of your game, we recommend the Power Air. If you are a balanced player or a control player looking for more power, the 003 is the paddle to consider. With its extremely consistent sweetspot and all-around playability, the 003 is easy to transition to from any other paddle, while we advise 1-2 weeks to comfortably transition to the Power Air if you normally play with a control-oriented paddle.


Power Air versus the AMPED & VANGUARD: The Power Air emphasizes important dimensions of competitive pickleball play with new levels power and spin. If you are a steady player that favors dinking, dropshots, and traditional strategic Pickleball, VANGUARD and AMPED paddles are tremendous control paddles to improve your play. However, if you want to add power, spin, and control to your game, the Power Air is the paddle for you. You will notice significant improvements in power and spin moving from the VANGUARD or AMPED to the Power Air. Unlike traditional power paddles, the Power Air still offers large sweetspot and consistency.

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