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"I want a paddle with the largest face and a slightly shorter handle"

"I'm a Pickleball Player. Get me the paddle with the most consistency"


The S2 paddle continues the tradition of a standard shape, yet it boasts the largest surface area of all of our paddles. The S2 was the brainchild of US Open Silver Medalist, Tony Tollenaar. With a shorter handle than the Epic, the S2 has a larger surface area on the face of the paddle. In fact, the S2 has the largest sweet spot in the Pickleball industry. The extra large surface area improves the overall power and control of the paddle, giving every shot more consistency.

If you are a hardcore Pickleball player that doesn’t mind a slightly shorter handle, the S2 is your paddle.

Amped S2 Midweight

OUT OF STOCK Items can be purchased but will take 1-2 weeks extra delivery time.
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

    Average Midweight: 7.9oz - 8.4oz

    Height: 15.75"

    Width: 8.0"

    Grip Length: 4.5"

    Grip Circumference: 4.25"

    Sweetspot size: 10

    Surface Area: Largest

    Handle Length: Medium handle (4.5")

  • EdgeSentry™
    Low-profile, lightweight and durable edge guard technology for a well-balanced, solid paddle

    Fiberglass technology creates an excellent surface that produces spin, while enhancing control 

    X5™ Core 
    Durable polypropylene honeycomb technology provides increased power

    Comfort Grip™
    Cushioning material for a comfortable, confident hold.

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