In A Pickle's qualified instructors, Sean and Leslie have developed a progressive series of 4 lessons that focus on the fundamentals of pickleball and allows a player to build a solid base for their game.  Level 1 is an introduction to pickleball and speeds up the learning curve for those excited to learn all about this great sport.  Level 2 is for those who know the basics of the game but want to work on ensuring they have a solid foundation in which to build upon.   We work on good mechanics and sound fundamentals for those who want to bring their game to the next level.  Level 3 and 4 build off the previous sessions spent with us.


We will tailor our coaching sessions to meet your needs! We offer private one-on-one instruction, or group lessons  for up to 16 people.


Contact us if you'd like help making your next shot your best shot!

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Each session includes 90 minutes of instruction and drills (unless otherwise stated), and session pricing is based on servicing Edmonton and the surrounding area. Prices do not include travel expenses or mileage for greater distances.

Pricing  (all prices include GST)


$40.00 EACH

$30.00 EACH

$25.00 EACH

$60.00 EACH

(Minimum 8 participants)

1 on 1 Instruction

2 to 3 Students

4 to 8 Students

9 to 16 Students

Mini Boot Camp

(3 Hours)

Bookings other than lesson structures above:

One Instructor   $60.00/HR

Additional Instructors   $30.00/HR

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(Completed forms can be emailed to nobigdill@inapicklepals.com)

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